Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Photography Advice For Guests

It can cause a great deal of confusion and frustration if your guests want to take photos at the same time as the official wedding photographer at your wedding. This article has a number of tips for your wedding guests to ensure that they end up with some great photos without getting in the way of the professional photographer who is being paid to do the job.

Say “Aye” To These Summer-Iffic Wedding Themes

Hot summer weddings come in different themes and colors. Although a sunset wedding on the shore will always be romantic, there is no harm in trying other summer wedding themes that could equally encapsulate the romance and passionate vibe of the sun at this time of the year.

How to Cope in a Sexless Marriage

The first thing you need to know about how to cope in a sexless marriage is that you must be careful not to let the situation affect your self esteem.
If your partner does not want to have sex with you, this can be hurtful, and you have to be careful to make sure that you don’t then start to take all of the blame on yourself. In most cases, it has taken two people to arrive at this situation even if it is only one of the couple who has stopped wanting sex.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Trinity in Marriage

What is the right view of wholeness in marriage? Do two halves make a whole, or are both partners, husband and wife, whole people in their own right, making also one whole person in marital unity? This article argues for the latter, but with another entity completing the whole: God. Hence, a trinity exists in marriage.
Most spiritual people seek to become ‘whole’ people. But if they are married, rather than whole, they are best becoming a whole half – as they gave up their self wholeness on their wedding day.

Wedding Colors and Themes: How to Choose a Color As Your Wedding Theme

A marriage is a special occasion when two people join together to start a brand new family. Having a beautiful wedding to mark this special occasion is something that almost every couple enjoys. The bride and groom would like nothing more than to have a wedding ceremony and reception that is memorable and fun for all the guests in attendance.

Groom Advice – How to Fill the Time on the Morning of Your Wedding

Panic stations! Red alert! Your wedding day is approaching, and the reality of walking down the aisle is sinking in. The ubiquitous cold feet have struck, and you are seriously considering growing a beard and running away to start a new life as a goat herder in Switzerland.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Technology: Turn It Off And Focus On The Love

There are so many distractions that take away from our precious time with our loved ones, especially our other half. Here are just a few examples.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer – What’s Included in the Packages

The third article in our series about wedding photography looks at what’s included in the packages.
When you come to choose your wedding photographer you’ll be bombarded with lots of different options, prices and packages. Some photographers will outline exactly what’s included in their packages on their website, others will give you an idea of price but want to meet to discuss options, and some photographers leave all packages and prices off their website and wait for you to contact them before giving you an indication of prices.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Ways to Make Love Last Forever

Do you think it is possible for two individuals to live happily ever after? Yes and I’ve got 5 ways to make love last forever. If both the wife and the husband will put these ways into good use, a “happily ever after” movie scenario will definitely be possible. What are these keys to a lasting marriage?

The Dollar Dance

One reception event that I have not spent much time talking about is the time-honored tradition of the dollar dance. Also called the Apron Dance or the Money Dance, this is a common (but not requisite) event at wedding receptions in which guests are given the chance to briefly dance with the bride and groom and give them small cash handouts as a wish of good will for their future.

A Closer Look at the Wedding in Brahmin Matrimonial

India is the only country that is an amalgamation of so many cultures, and rituals, customs and traditions associated with them. Starting from the Kashmir, moving up to Kanyakumari, you will find dramatic variation in the living style of the people in India. Wedding in India is also a lavish affair, which varies according to the community and region of the people. You will find varying colours and flavours of the culture, with each step. Indians are popular for across the world due to their religious and cultural beliefs, and the traditional practices that they perform to keep their family legacy alive.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Basing On Her Birth Date, How Many Times Will She Get Married?

In modern society, it is very common for couples to divorce and remarry. Is it destiny that some people get married only once, while others can get married multiple times? And how many times exactly for those who will get married multiple times?
Julie came to consult me one day. She had been through a few marriages and hoped to find Mr Right. Her question is: “Will this guy be the right one who will be with me for the rest of my life?” OK, let’s look at her date and hour of birth and analyze from there. Julie was born on 31st December 1965, between midnight to 1am. Her 4 pillars and luck pillars are as follows:

White Wedding Theme: The Best Ways to Use White As the Theme of Your Wedding

White is a very pure and clean color. It is usually paired with other colors, because most believe that on its own white can be a bit boring. However a white wedding theme is anything but boring. Having an all white or mostly white wedding makes a very dramatic statement. White is a timeless wedding color. With many modern brides choosing to incorporate more colors, why not be truly unique and stick with an all white affair?

Ways to Save a Marriage After A Cheating Spouse

Ways to Save a Marriage After Cheating
Although it can seem like a comedy on TV or a movie you’re watching, witnessing a wife throwing her husband’s clothes out the window once she’s learned of his other woman, while seemingly funny is anything but. Standing below, watching not only his clothes but his marriage being cast away, the husband must face both his neighbors, who have by this point gathered to see what the fuss is but also himself as he gathers his clothes in a huge bundle. He might have his clothes, but most of “him” remains upstairs: his wife, his kids, his books, his phone book, his computer, his toothbrush and his life. He can buy a new toothbrush, the other “things” are replaceable, however not without several overtime hours. His kids and his wife on the other hand are not. As he walks away, he begins muttering, “I am a jerk. Why did I do this? What’s wrong with me? I need help saving my marriage, but I am going to do it!”

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Theme Ideas: How to Pick the Right Theme For Your Wedding

Coming up with a wedding theme is one of the first steps in planning a successful wedding. There are already so many wedding theme ideas that are available for a couple to choose from that finding the right one should not be difficult. When selecting a theme, it’s important to consider the location, how many people are going to be in attendance and budget.
Wedding theme ideas should reflect the interests and personalities of both the bride and the groom. Themes are great, because it makes the planning process easier and more enjoyable. Making decisions become simple, because you when you focus on a theme you know exactly what you want for things like wedding invitations, wedding cake and the decorations. Your guests also get to experience a wedding that is a little out of the ordinary.

Wedding Party Favors That You Can Be Proud To Give

Wedding party favors are the perfect way to thank your wedding guests who attend and grace the most exciting occasion in your life.
Wedding reception favors have a history. However, today the modern wedding favors are selected in such a way so that along with thanking the wedding guests, they also act as mementos or keepsakes for the wedding guests too.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great Wedding Customs From Different Cultures

Weddings are all about tradition. There are many, many customs which are usually included in American weddings. There are also quite a few marvelous traditions with which some brides may be less familiar. These are some great wedding customs from different cultures; some of them might make a terrific addition to your own wedding!

Dazzling Hen Night Themes

Music, party, cocktails, and a gang of girls – let the hen night begin. Yup hen weekends, hen parties and hen everything are some great ways for girls to cop-out and have some fun and laughter. But despite of all these party and fun what could really keep the entertainment rolling is some dazzling hen night themes. Hen night themes pack the whole party together: you can either indulge yourself into some cool beer challenge or could groove into classical beat of 80's.

Garden Wedding Theme: Why It’s Perfect for a Small and Intimate Wedding

A garden wedding theme is quite popular among couples that are not as traditional. Instead of having a wedding in a church, they choose to share their big day with loved ones in the great outdoors. Having a wedding ceremony in a garden can feel extremely intimate and romantic. Garden themes are generally appropriate for smaller groups and the dress code is almost always more casual. Expect to see a lot of vivid colors and beautiful flowers all around.