Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Married Men Flirt

Why do married men flirt? When an attached man flirts, does it mean that he’s cheating? If so, is it going to ruin your marriage? Do you want to know why married men flirt? Here are some reasons why they do that and how you can deal with them.

First of all, let us define what flirting means. Generally, flirting is a way of meeting potential mates. Flirting is also defined as being innocently but overly friendly. It can often be interpreted as seduction. Here are some reasons why married men flirt and how you can deal with them.
Reason 1: Midlife Crisis
This is the most common reason why married men flirt.This usually happens to older married men who are starting to feel like there’s something missing in their lives. There are a lot of things to understand about this condition. Your man feels unhappy with life and the lifestyle that he used to enjoy. He suddenly feels bored with people and things that used to be interesting to him. He feels like there is a need to change.
What to Do: During this part of his life, he will go through different changes and you should be strong enough to accept these changes and make some adjustments. He needs you to be patient. Honestly, there is nothing much that you can do until he learns to get over this crisis.
Reason 2: He Feels Rejected.
Another reason why married men flirt is probably because you have been very busy with the kids or with the many chores at home that you barely had time to take care of him. By the time he gets home from work, you are too tired to ask how he’s been or maybe you have already gone to sleep. A man naturally looks for someone who caters to them and makes them feel like a king. If he no longer feels that you care for him, he would feel hurt and rejected that he would start looking for that “care” from others.
What to Do: Start paying attention to his needs. Talk to him, cook for him and do the things that you used to for him. Just become the wife that he married years ago or better.
Reason 3: He’s Not Sexually Attracted to You Anymore.
It is a fact that any man, married or not, would love to be with a beautiful partner. You might have gained some weight or you’re just too stressed out with all the kids, the bills and all the other things that you have forgotten how to take care of yourself.
What to Do: Fix up. Lose weight. Stay beautiful. Looks do matter. So take care of yourself.
Never take the reasons why married men flirt for granted. It is better to do something now than wait for the worst surprise of your life – cheating.
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