Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Tips For Trying On Wedding Dresses

The search for your dream wedding dress can be a long process involving many visits to bridal boutiques and dress designers. Before you dive straight in, check out our list of tips to make trying on wedding dresses that much easier.

1. Do try on several different shapes and styles. The whole point of going to a bridal boutique is to have as much choice as possible, so make the most of it and try on dress styles that you wouldn’t normally consider. You may be surprised what you fall in love with.
2. Do establish your budget before you start shopping and resist the temptation to try on that stunning designer label dress that is way out of reach. If you let yourself fall in love with the unattainable, it will be much harder to find the right dress for you within your budget.
3. Do allow the shop assistant to make suggestions as to what will suit you, but make your final decision yourself. You may regret being pressured into buying a dress that is not your personal favourite but which others have said looks best. If in doubt go away with pictures of you in both dresses and take your time over the final decision.
4. Do wear plain white underwear… a black thong can really distract from the overall effect!
5. Bring along a light bathrobe or wrap to the bridal boutique, so that you can sit and chat with your friends or wander around looking at other options in between trying on each dress.
6. Don’t pin your hopes on finding the perfect dress on your very first shopping trip. It may take visits to several different bridal boutiques over a period of a few weeks to really know exactly what you want.
7. Do have a friend take photos of you in all the dresses that are possible choices. Most important, write down the dress make and model, the price and any other details in a notebook. You’d be surprised how quickly you forget which shop had which dress at which price.
8. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can save money by ordering the same dress online at a cheaper price. Online purchases don’t usually come with fittings and alterations, so you may have to pay extra for a service that the bridal boutiques include in the price.
9. Don’t over-schedule yourself. Limit yourself to two appointments per day, and yes most bridal boutiques do require you to book an appointment. Then go out for coffee or champagne and mull over your options. If you haven’t discovered your dream wedding dress, repeat the following week, and then the next. It’s supposed to be fun after all!
10. While it may be fun to take along all your girlfriends on this most important of shopping trips, having too many opinions can be confusing. Rather take along just one or two friends, whose tastes agree more or less with yours. How many of us have teenage recollections of being persuaded into clothes purchases that really weren’t us by over-enthusiastic friends?! Remember that your wedding dress is not an impulse purchase, and go with the opinions you really can trust.
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